Rubber products

Eco friendly rubber production from producer with more than 15 years of experience. We always strive to foresee the market changes one step ahead and give the best quality for our clients.

PVC Windows

PVC windows

Aluminium is a very light weight, high strength material that is very durable and highly resistant to corrosion. Aluminum windows can be used for bigger constructions. These windows can transform the appearance of a building, providing a more contemporary look.

High securityHigh security
Long lastingLong lasting
Resists deteriorationResists deterioration
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Rubber products

Tyres recycling company was established in 1998. We can suggest rubber granules, rubber tiles, parking curbs, rubber grass mats, protection mats, rubber mulch. More than 15 year of experience ensures the best quality of our production.

15 years experience15 years experience
Eco friendlyEco friendly
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Portable & modular buildings

If your company is focused on performance and saves time and rationally allocate the costs, we have a solution – choose METHOUSE modular and portable buildings. We are able to produce the modules according to customer needs.  We can provide a superb range of standard and bespoke compliant volumetric accommodation systems for a variety of market sectors.

Quickly assembledQuickly assembled
Great rangeGreat range
Cost effectiveCost effective
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